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Free Weekly Horoscope – May 12 to May 18, 2019 | Center for the New Age

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to current
your Free Weekly Horoscope for May 12 – May 18, 2019

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First Quarter Moon in Leo on May 12 locations our moods in states of playfulness, self indulgence and the need for expression and adoration. Moods mirror on the contest of who has the greatest, the largest, the shiniest and the costliest toys, automobiles, clothes, home and backyard.

Venus in Aries is sextile Mars in Gemini (May 14 – May 22). Mischievous, talkative and outgoing sorts of affection are evident while Venus is sextile to Mars. It’s here that female (Venus) and masculine (Mars) forces have a chance (the sextile facet) to help each other. The Mars affect emphasizes the consciousness and software of action, motion, involvement and in addition harnesses power and power. Venus reminds us to draw in the direction of ourselves the pleasures we want.

Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces(May 16 – May 19)brings bold, unbiased messages that inform us of opportunities for religious progress in humanity. That is an opportunistic time to cautiously attempt communication with regard to beliefs and religious issues.

Mars enters Cancer ( May 16 – July 1). The fiery drive of drive, Mars, focuses the spirit of motion on such Cancerian activities as nurturing and mothers. Mars in Most cancers additionally emphasizes a concentrate on the house, household enchancment or transforming – probably even a transfer to a brand new residence or making the changes following an enormous transfer.

Mercury in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn (May 16 – May 18) is an effective time to make an impression, to train and to talk to others those essential matters that have to be clarified. With Mercury in Taurus, the emphasis of data is positioned on the need for practicality in business.

Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn (May 18 – May 24) brings larger definition to the which means of fate and permits us to more easily talk about the energy struggles occurring collectively around the world. Mercury is the communications tower that transmits info. Pluto’s disruptive power focuses our consideration on such issues as contagious illnesses, mindless crime, misunderstandings between cultures, dealing with up to habit and lots of other painful realities. This can be a good time to categorical encouraging phrases with a sense of hope.

Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18 enhances our moods. Intense wishes – and what provokes them – reveal quite a bit about who we’re and what we’d like to appease the satisfaction-hungry inside youngster. Protected bodily workouts and actions are wonderful avenues of release.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Free Weekly Horoscope for your Signal

AriesAries: That is the week when concepts are doubtless to be coming thick and fast, notably with regard to your materials state of affairs. This can be a great week to take an progressive concept and run with it. From ideas relating to how you can make or save extra money to changing your job, it’ll definitely help to check out one thing new and even be slightly bit rebellious. Regardless of how huge the dilemma, you will have the means to overcome it; all you need to do is comply with your inspiration and maybe utilize your skills higher. As the Moon grows full, it might all come to a head. No less than any confusion or uncertainty can be cleared and issues can begin shifting forward.

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TaurusTaurus: This ought to be a neater week for you as Venus escapes the clutches of the bullyboys Saturn and Pluto. If life has felt somewhat heavy or draining just lately, now you will get back to the enterprise of having fun with your self and welcoming the alternatives coming your method. And should you really feel that the opportunities aren’t coming quick enough or in the event that they’re not to your liking, then don’t underestimate your capacity to create a number of of your personal alternatives. With Mercury and the Solar in your sign, not to mention Uranus, you’re in a perfect position to make things happen. The Full Moon on May 18 asks you to attempt to strike a stability between the wants of others and your personal wishes. Part of it’s your decision to break away from a state of affairs, nevertheless it may be prudent to just permit issues to brew for a while longer earlier than making any rash selections.

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GeminiGemini: Mars continues to be in your sign, so use this week constructively to get issues completed or to make progress in areas that matter to you. Nevertheless, with a cluster of planets in your soulful zone, it will be prudent to examine in together with your larger self first before you’re taking action. You at the moment are blessed with a direct line to whatever religious deity or larger consciousness you select to handle so make time every day to tune in and ask for steerage to be proven the method or sent a sign. Work and well being are the key areas as the Moon grows full On May 18. Now’s the time to tie up unfastened ends relating to your work. Full tasks and be super organized in order that the whole lot begins to stream better. As soon as the Full Moon has passed, life gained’t seem quite so inward wanting, and you can begin to move ahead again.

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CancerMost cancers: The Full Moon in your home of enjoyable is your signal to take a break and luxuriate in your self. The things that you simply feel you have got to do can wait, particularly round May 18. It’s more essential that you simply permit your soul to be nourished so take trip for pleasure and recreation alongside a extra carefree angle. Nothing is so necessary that it may possibly’t wait a day or so. The opposite good news is that Mars enters your signal on May 16, which provides you with the get-up-and-go to accomplish extra in a day than most people do in every week, so don’t worry about taking day trip to take pleasure in yourself when the alternative arises, since you’ll easily make up for it.

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LeoLeo: Work and your path in life are the key areas proper now, and it is perhaps time to minimize your losses and move on to one thing new. Saturn and Pluto in your work zone are piling on the strain and things look pretty troublesome there. Meanwhile, the Solar, Mercury and Uranus at the prime of your chart are calling you to greater and higher issues, however it includes a danger. The danger is that you simply don’t know whether or not it’ll work out. The unknown is all the time scary, but this is one time in your life when you will have to depart the previous behind and step into a brand new future – if solely for your well being and well-being. The Full Moon on May 18 might add to the battle and dilemmas presently happening in your life, but it’s going to probably deliver issues to a head.

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VirgoVirgo: This week why not research a brand new subject (or go deeper into an previous topic) or problem yourself to consider in issues that previously may need seemed inconceivable. Truly, with Mercury and Uranus in your adventure zone, it shouldn’t be too troublesome to stretch your thoughts to check out new ideas and ideas. The Full Moon may have a serious effect on you, Virgo. This Full Moon on the 18th will convey all your actions of the final two quarters into sharp focus. You’ll be taking over new assignments, making new commitments and making loads of headway in the subject of contacts and communications. In reaching for the Moon, there is a good risk that you simply may simply land on a star!

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LibraLibra: As Mercury joins the Sun and Uranus in your zone of rebirth, it is best to abruptly be buzzing with concepts and inspiration about how you can facilitate the delivery course of talked about last week. You may really feel inspired to head in a new path, otherwise you may need a clearer vision of the new self that’s emerging. All you have got to do is stand back and permit the process to develop. Financially, this also might be every week of developments and the means forward lies in adopting new ways of doing enterprise and coping with cash. The Full Moon in your money zone influences your monetary preparations making the days around May 18 an applicable time to tie up unfastened ends, make the ultimate deal, and resolve outstanding issues.

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ScorpioScorpio: Many a relationship rift could be resolved with clear and trustworthy communication. This isn’t all the time straightforward in nowadays of texting and social media, when a number of phrases and not using a voice or body language may end up in misunderstandings and harm emotions so make the effort this week to truly speak to individuals and to communicate together with your coronary heart and soul. Purpose to be present and pay attention patiently earlier than saying your bit. The Full Moon falls in your signal on May 18 casting the spotlight on you and putting the focus on your personal life. What would you like? What do different individuals need? Making an attempt to strike a stability between your wants and different individuals’s is the problem this week, notably round the days of the Full Moon. You will have to prioritize your needs; in any other case, emotional outbursts might take you unexpectedly.

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SagittariusSagittarius: Rome wasn’t inbuilt a day, so fairly than overloading your self, ask for help, or break issues down into more manageable hunks. As an alternative of making an attempt to deal with a ton of jobs in someday, spread them out over a number of days or even a number of weeks. There’s no rush, even for those who assume there’s. Tempo yourself and make time to loosen up. You’ll discover that you simply still get a lot achieved while managing to keep your well being and psychological well-being. Should you’ve overloaded yourself with tasks, your physique might collapse beneath the strain. The Full Moon on May 18 calls you to rest and quiet contemplation and urges you to resist the urge to maintain busy – all the time!

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CapricornCapricorn: Youngsters and animals are great tonics for the spirit. They show us what we’d like to do to reclaim our sense of marvel and pleasure, and it wouldn’t harm to spend time with either. Art and artistic pursuits permit us to reconnect with our free spirit while a dose of comedy can increase our well-being and help put issues in perspective. Simply arming your self with a extra playful angle while pondering Marty Rubin’s quote, “Where would you be if you left all your cares behind?” will assist to convey colour to your days and pleasure to your spirit.

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AquariusAquarius: Life appears set to either be unsettled or busy this week, notably at house, and it might be troublesome to feel rooted. You will have to find different strategies of creating calm and security. Being in nature shall be especially useful and will allow you to really feel extra grounded. Yoga and meditation might be useful too. If all of it feels too chaotic, simply go together with it, because the craziness gained’t final lengthy. While issues might not fairly return to regular, your circumstances will quickly assemble themselves into a brand new type of atypical which should feel quite exciting. In the meantime, the Moon grows full in your career zone, making this every week when you will have to find a stability between your working life and your property life.

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PiscesPisces: Nearly as good as things have been for you, there are all the time occasions when you possibly can feel like a spinning prime – mentally ungrounded, wired or anxious. If it feels that you’ve a double dose of hysteria on any degree, spend a while in nature and let the birdsong soothe you, do some gardening, get a therapeutic massage, play with clay, make a meal from scratch or do something that requires utilizing your palms or physique in a tactile means. By consciously making time to get out of your head, you’ll develop into the good receptacle for the divine inspiration wishing to download itself into your psyche. What is actually necessary is that you simply permit your self to be absolutely open to no matter you want to categorical as a result of it could possibly be quite lovely.

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