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Free Weekly Horoscope – April 7 to 13, 2019 | Center for the New Age

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The Center for the New Age is happy to present
your Free Weekly Horoscope for April 7 – April 13, 2019

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Mercury in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn (April 7 – April 10) offers the opportunity to study very important classes concerning boundaries, limitations, obligations and well timed completions. This tends to be a time when struggles and difficulties are discussed, and other people draw collective conclusions on how to greatest deal with their problems or obligations.

Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (April 10 – April 14) brings a chance for us to get the message across to individuals in robust positions of energy and authority. This can be a opportunistic time to attain out to those of another era and make an attempt to communicate one thing very important.

Venus and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (April 10 – April 20) creates a really fluid and open expression of femininity. Venus represents love, magnetism and attraction, whereas Neptune (the larger octave of Venus) represents religious love, and the melding of religious energies. This facet allows magnificence, femininity and personal attraction to be related with the larger religious vibrations of the universe. This is a perfect time to join with one’s own guardian angel and spirit information. Venus conjunct Neptune, if utilized, will convey nice wisdom.

First Quarter Moon in Most cancers on April 12 urges us to share our emotions and care for emotional wants, notably in our residence. Residence targeted activities deliver heat expressions of contentment. With First Quarter Cancer Moon the emotional present tends to be magnified. Dietary foods and trustworthy firm are necessary elements of this present day’s actions. Treating ourselves and others in a nurturing means becomes the key to enhancing or cleaning our emotional perspective. Watch out not to push the buttons of sensitive individuals and use words correctly while considering the emotions of yourself and others.

Mercury in Pisces is sq. to Jupiter in Sagittarius (April 12 – April 16). This can be a troublesome time to communicate a way of reassurance, notably with regard to new enterprises. It might even be a troublesome time to increase money for charities. Throughout this facet, it might be greatest to hold off on a job request, asking for a increase, buying a new enterprise, or signing any binding contracts concerning long term investment and cost schedules.

Venus in Pisces is sextile Saturn in Capricorn (April 12 – April 17). Venus emphasizes the vibrations of love, magnetism, magnificence and in addition sensuality. Saturn’s influence emphasizes an awareness of time, limitations and restrictions. Saturn additionally harnesses our dedication to duty and discipline. This Venus sextile Saturn facet might present a chance for some to expertise a timely love. Throughout this facet, there’s a passionate drive to shield family members and restrict their publicity to hazard.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Free Weekly Horoscope for your Signal


Aries: The Sun continues to be at odds with Saturn, and Mars (your ruling planet) is touring freely, not making any elements to another planets. That is an odd combination of effects, and it will doubtless end in an all-or-nothing strategy. In case your greatest efforts are being thwarted, you’re waiting for an end result, or you end up all weapons blazing and kicking up a storm (but perhaps not managing to get the outcomes you want), then it is perhaps value remembering that this is the time of yr if you recharge your batteries, so take some time to focus on your needs. Chiron, also in your signal, suggests performing some self-healing moderately than pushing out and attaining things. You may really feel like a ship without an anchor, so it’s essential to ground your self. Slow down, immerse your self in nature, get a therapeutic massage or no matter else brings you back into your body, and keep in mind that no matter is oppressing you’ll quickly give method.

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Taurus: This ought to be a progressive week, as your ruling planet, Venus, is ably helped and supported by Mercury and Saturn. It’s a great time to talk your concepts or to negotiate a better state of affairs for your self. Individuals shall be ready and prepared to pay attention to you now, so if there’s one thing you need to say, say it. One can find there’s little obstacle to your wishes, so this can be a good week to make issues happen, be productive, and give attention to making progress in your life. Nevertheless, be watchful that you simply don’t overdo it; Jupiter’s sq. to Venus after the weekend suggests that you simply may overlook what your limits are and grow to be unrealistic in your endeavors.

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Gemini: As Mars continues his journey unimpeded by way of your signal, you may feel that there’s no stopping you, that no matter you need to achieve you possibly can. Whereas that’s true to an extent, you may also need to keep in mind to stop each every so often so that you simply don’t burn your self out. Certainly, Jupiter’s square to your ruler, Mercury, issues a cautionary warning about overextending your self. Apply realism to your state of affairs, give attention to what you want to achieve, and work toward carrying out issues systematically. There’s a difference between attaining a aim by way of sustained and regular effort and operating round like a headless hen. Decide what you want, and then attempt not to let much less necessary matters take up your time and power.

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Cancer: As the Sun continues his journey by way of your home of profession and success, it’s necessary to give attention to the place you need to be, but you might want to guard towards interference or impediments from others. Saturn and Pluto are edging ever closer collectively in your opposite signal, probably bringing challenges and blockages from different individuals. It appears that you want one thing, however another person has totally different ideas. There may be little you can do towards the mighty weight of Saturn and Pluto aside from face up to your obligations and see the check by means of to its end. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t mean you possibly can’t make some type of headway in the outdoors world, and it might sound that the greatest approach forward is to strike a stability between the rock and the arduous place.

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Leo: No matter has been blocking you or holding you again begins to give approach to more useful and uplifting circumstances this week, so just bide your time and be patient until April 11 or 12 when your fortunes will flip for the higher. Difficulties and hardship will give approach to fun, enjoyment, ease and comfortable developments. That is the point at which you’d benefit from adopting a constructive strategy to no matter is introduced to you as a result of as soon as you begin to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and the whole lot has which means.

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Virgo: There’s an previous saying that what goes up should come down. Whereas this saying originated to relate to the legal guidelines of gravity, additionally it is applied metaphorically. For instance, in the event you focus all your consideration on certainly one of three work tasks, your boss (and coworkers) will notice the distinction in the outcomes. With Jupiter’s square to your ruler, Mercury, you’d benefit from holding your ft on the floor and adopting a practical, practical strategy. Permitting yourself to get carried away may end in your crashing again down to Earth with egg in your face. Be prudent, practical, and real looking, and avoid taking over more than you’ll be able to handle.

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Libra: It might be useful to keep in mind that not all that glitters is gold. As tempting or promising as one thing could seem, notably towards the end of the week, will probably be prudent to maintain your ft on the ground and never let your self be carried away by flights of fancy. Optimism is one factor, but a scarcity of realism is sort of another. Attempt to discover the stability between believing that each one might be nicely and believing that each one your chickens are coming residence to roost. There’s proof to recommend that you can be disenchanted in the event you pin all your hopes on one thing or in case you overstretch yourself and goal to accomplish too much. Sticking with the protected choice and dealing steadily and patiently toward achievable objectives will work properly for you now. It won’t be trigger for celebration, however you’ll end the week having made steady progress.

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Scorpio: Be aware this week of whether or not your actions are constructive or damaging. The temptation with Mars operating amok via your psychological basement provides in to damaging thoughts and impulses to trigger a problem where none beforehand existed or to worsen a state of affairs that would simply be pacified. Mars and not using a mission is a dangerous beast, and as co-ruler of your sign, you need to maintain a watchful eye on him so make it your larger function this week to give attention to creating constructive circumstances, looking for to rework lead into gold, and making use of yourself in useful diligent service to others. As the previous saying goes, the satan makes work for idle arms to do. In case you hold your self busy, then mischief will depart you alone.

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Sagittarius: Jupiter has made good progress by means of your sign since last November, and hopefully he’s already given you no less than one or two things to be ok with. Whether it’s a brand new starting or a cheerful occasion, Jupiter’s presence is a continuing reminder that good things can occur, and even when things at first seem dangerous, they will end up as blessings. As the Solar journeys via your zone of fun, make the most of whatever happiness comes your means, however in case you actually need to capitalize on this constructive pairing, contemplate how one can reside a more significant or genuine life and easily ask the universe to assist you in your approach. Simply keep in mind not to overlook the details, since you is perhaps so targeted on the greater issues that you simply overlook to deal with the small issues.

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Capricorn: If issues aren’t understanding in your life, be it at work or in some other area, you may be better off at residence nourishing your loved ones and having fun with an easier existence for some time. With the Solar at the base of your chart, it will appear that you’ll benefit from being in acquainted environment with acquainted individuals, as a result of what’s most essential now’s being nurtured. If different individuals can’t offer you what you want, take additional care to nourish yourself so that in time you’ll be able to go out into the world stronger and extra confident than you have been earlier than.

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Aquarius: Typically we’ve to work at maintaining a constructive outlook. Other occasions, we naturally really feel upbeat and optimistic. Typically it’s just altering circumstances or the shifting of planets that helps or hinders. Presently the Solar in your psychological zone will show you how to see the brilliant aspect despite Saturn’s and Pluto’s greatest efforts to drag unpleasant fears or reminiscences out of your subconscious. Typically this might feel like a balancing act, and it’s understandable in case you have a wobble, however for those who give attention to what you want to happen slightly than on what you don’t, you need to find – all issues being equal – that the regulation of attraction will respond in type, and good things will come your means this week.

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Pisces: “In life, you don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate.” In what method might you converse up and struggle for yourself? Do you want to promote yourself a bit more? First, you need to consider in yourself. In case you don’t, how are you going to anticipate others to? Perhaps you just want to be a bit cautious in your monetary world – spend much less and preserve extra. Maybe you want to ask for a increase or get a greater deal? Mercury in your signal, aspect by aspect with the charming Venus, provides you all the persuasive techniques you need to get what you need or need this week, so converse up. Keep in mind, in the event you don’t ask, then you definitely don’t get.

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