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5 Honey Skin Care Benefits for a Glowing Complexion

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I’ve a confession to make: I really like honey.

From honey-glazed ham to delectable soft-baked cookies, honey by no means fails to make my day simply a little bit sweeter. It’s the sugar substitute in my morning coffee and an all-natural sweetener for my afternoon tea. And dribbled atop creamy Greek yogurts, its clean mouthwatering texture packs a ton of flavor.

So it’s no secret why I’d need to incorporate honey into my weekly skincare routine… proper?

As a result of honey isn’t just a healthier sugar various.

There’s a cause this amber-colored liquid retains popping up in increasingly more magnificence merchandise, from face masks to exfoliating scrubs. And here, we’ll take an in-depth look into some awesome honey skincare advantages.

Winnie the Pooh May’ve Been On To One thing

Bear eating raw honey

Gathered by an army of bees, sweet nectar is become thick golden honey. However did you know this similar honey comes full of a ton of honey skincare benefits?

Truly, using honey dates back to early human civilization. Honey was so prized that historic Egyptians would supply it as much as the gods …as presents! Even Cleopatra combined milk and honey into therapeutic baths (source).

As it turns out, uncooked honey has natural therapeutic properties (source). But although it could actually soothe painful scrapes and beat back an infection, that’s not all uncooked honey is understood for.

Not Just a Sweetener: 5 Honey Skin Care Benefits

I really like dabbling with pure skin cures. Whether or not I’m mixing up a moisturizer with rosehip, jojoba, or night primrose oil or pampering my pores and skin with a night time cream comprised of shea butter, there’s nothing extra satisfying than nourishing skin using my own recipes.

So, call it curiosity, however once I first discovered I might use honey in DIY face masks, my curiosity was piqued. What did this superb ingredient, with its delightfully sweet style, have to offer my skin?

A whole lot of honey skincare advantages, it turns out!

As I started to experiment, I started to appreciate honey increasingly. However little did I do know simply how a lot I’d take pleasure in including uncooked honey to my weekly skincare routine. And I feel you will too! Here’s why.

Benefit #1: Raw Honey Protects Harassed Out Skin

You recognize free radicals: damaging molecules that irritate your cells, age your pores and skin, and put on down your complexion.

Positive, we will’t escape free radicals. However we will do the subsequent neatest thing – forestall free radical injury by calling on some heavy-duty antioxidant safety. You already discovered one strategy to forestall injury (with topical vitamin C). But raw honey presents some further protection all by itself!

Honey naturally accommodates skin-nourishing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that work together to restore and shield skin from environmental stress. The high antioxidant content of raw honey even neutralizes free radicals deep inside the skin (source).

This implies your skin will get another line of defense towards premature getting old, wonderful strains, and wrinkles. And honey skincare advantages that hold my complexion wanting healthy and youthful is okay in my guide!

Benefit #2: Uncooked Honey Quenches Parched Skin

Raw honey softens and moisturizes skin

When the climate’s cool and the air dry, parched skin makes its displeasure recognized – flaking away and replacing clean pores and skin with itchy redness. Even oily complexions can use a little moisture to maintain sebum manufacturing in examine.

Perhaps you’ve seen this in action: the slightest hint of dryness sparks an overproduction of sebum, clogging pores and inspiring more pimples than you already know what to do with.

Honey doesn’t just satisfy your dry-skin woes. It helps stability oily skin too!

A pure humectant, honey has wonderful moisture-retaining properties (supply). Uncooked honey hydrates your skin with moisture from the encompassing air, softening the top layer and moisturizing deep inside. And by retaining moisture, acne-prone pores and skin varieties produce much less oil.

So whether you’re preventing back sunburn or harsh chilly winds, honey skincare benefits help lock in moisture – even after the honey is rinsed off! And by boosting water content material to areas that want it most, your pores and skin stays pleased and hydrated all through the day.

Profit #3: Uncooked Honey Heals Indignant Blemishes

Did you know honey can scale back esteem-crushing pimples? You already know, those that all the time pop up on the worst potential moments.

Yep, honey skincare benefits go beyond simply hydrating the skin (and maintaining oily pores and skin balanced).

Raw honey helps forestall bacteria-causing breakouts. It does this by putting natural enzymes to work, producing hydrogen peroxide that clears away nasty bacteria buildup that clogs pores (1, 2).

But honey doesn’t cease there!

Raw honey comes full of a wholesome mixture of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that assist heal blemishes and chase away infection (source). Plus, raw honey could be very mild on delicate pores and skin, flippantly cleaning whereas soothing irritated pores.

Honey skincare advantages do have their limits though. A sudden bout of blemishes can mean one thing deeper’s happening. Although uncooked honey gained’t forestall hormonal pimples, it could nonetheless enhance your complexion. Even so, see your native dermatologist about severe pimples considerations.

Benefit #4: Uncooked Honey Lightens Imperfections

Raw honey lightens imperfections

After you’ve gained the battle towards bacteria, pimples scars typically stick around – even after your pores and skin is clean to the touch and clog free!

However what should you’ve been out within the solar (and forgotten your sunblock)? Properly, not solely can pimples marks darken, but age spots and sunburn can shortly make the highest of your listing of skin considerations to treat.

Simply take it from me: confidence can take a critical hit.

Olive-skinned gals are definitely no strangers to hyperpigmentation. I’ve found a 15-minute honey mask can do wonders for irritated skin, whether you’re suffering from sunburn or inflamed pimples.

Raw honey helps calm distressed pores and skin naturally, even decreasing the severity of breakouts.

How? By combining anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties for quicker therapeutic, lowered scarring, and speedy tissue regeneration (1, 2). And since honey accommodates a nice helping of gluconic acid (source), it will possibly really brighten the complexion – lightening these cussed darkish marks and pimples scars we talked about earlier (supply).

Profit #5: Raw Honey Prevents Problematic Skin

Your skin has its personal approach of protecting itself from environmental stress – the acid mantle.

The acid mantle acts as a barrier, blocking out toxins whereas protecting in moisture for healthy pores and skin that’s irritation free (supply). However its effectiveness actually will depend on the place your dermis (the very prime layer of pores and skin) sits on the pH scale (how acidic or alkaline your pores and skin is). An uncomfortable pH can make it tough for the acid mantle to do its job.

What does this imply?

pH ranges from zero (extremely acidic) to 14 (very alkaline). The lower the pH, the more irritated and acne-prone your pores and skin may be (supply). The upper the pH, the drier and extra wrinkle-prone your pores and skin. That’s where honey skincare benefits are available.

Raw honey helps stability your skin’s pH.

Skin is happiest when it’s slightly acidic – about 5.5 on the pH scale (supply). With a pH ranging from 3 to 6, raw honey helps promote a wholesome acidic setting – giving micro organism a harder time for less sensitive and problematic pores and skin (1, 2).

Easy methods to Reap the Most Benefits (Hint: It’s all concerning the Honey)

So, honey doesn’t simply taste nice in your morning tea. And it’s rather more than a skin softener.


However will any honey do?

Not exactly. Some kinds of honey supply more honey skincare benefits than others. And it all is dependent upon how the honey is processed and the place bees acquire the pollen from.

Processed or Uncooked?

Take a journey to your native grocery store and you’ll find jars of clear pasteurized honey. These are heavily processed – heated to a degree that destroys a lot of the skin-healing nutrients your physique craves (supply).

So while processed honey may style superb (it’s principally sugar in any case), it merely isn’t as efficient in your skin as uncooked honey that hasn’t been heat handled.

As an alternative, search for uncooked unpasteurized honey. It’s minimally processed, preserving most antimicrobial and antioxidant honey skin care advantages (source).

What concerning the Flower?

Sage honey. Orange blossom honey. Wildflower honey.

Honey is labeled based mostly on the flower or region bees created it from. Every sort varies in colour, style, and consistency. And relying on the flower, honey can affect your skin on totally different ranges.

Derived from the antioxidant-rich flowers of the Manuka plant, Manuka honey is well known for its superior antibacterial properties. The truth is, it’s boasted to be probably the most potent with probably the most enzymatic exercise of some other sort of honey (supply).

“Manuka honey has been reported to inhibit more than 80 species of bacteria.” – Andrew Weil

So for blemish-prone skin, Manuka honey is particularly therapeutic because of its very high focus of skin-loving methylglyoxal compounds (supply).

However not all Manuka honey has the identical honey skin care advantages! Manuka honey is ranked by its Unique Manuka Issue (UMF) or how potent the honey is predicated on its concentration of methylglyoxal, the place superior grades vary from 10 to 15 and even greater.

Such honey skin care benefits include a steep worth. And the upper the UMF, the costlier the honey. Although if you wish to reap probably the most benefits (and ensure you don’t miss out on any helpful nutrients), select Manuka honey with a UMF of 10 or more.

Don’t have the money to splurge? Look for darkish, raw unpasteurized honey.

Let’s Get Sticky: Fun and Straightforward Ways to Apply Honey

Alright, we’ve listed a bunch of honey skin care advantages. However how are you going to add raw honey to your skin care routine?

Straightforward! Attempt these ideas:

  • Honey Face Masks: You can also make your very personal face mask at house! All you want is a teaspoon of uncooked honey. Merely cleanse your face (as you normally would) and unfold a skinny layer of honey onto your skin. Depart it for 15 to 30 minutes, then rinse the honey off with warm water. Repeat one to 2 occasions per week (or as typically as you’d like). Feeling a bit artistic? Improve your honey face mask with ½ teaspoon of aloe vera gel or jojoba oil and a couple drops of essential oil. I really like including a drop of each tea tree and lavender essential oils for a refreshing pimples remedy.
  • Honey Cleanse: Though it gained’t take away your make-up (properly, anyway), raw honey can act as a moisturizing face wash. Plus, day by day cleansing will assist maintain your complexion away from dangerous pore-clogging bacteria. Therapeutic massage a teaspoon of uncooked honey into your skin with gentle round motions, avoiding the attention area. After a minute or two of working within the honey, rinse off with heat water. Steaming your face with a damp wash material for 30 seconds (before rinsing off) may also help the lively elements in honey soak in as nicely. You’ll be able to even spice issues up with a teaspoon of coconut or jojoba oil.
  • Honey Spot Remedy: Uncooked honey may also help heal pimples. And combined with tea tree essential oil or lavender important oil, it could possibly help soothe inflamed pimples and lighten present pimples scars. With a cotton swab, simply dab a drop of important oil and a bit of raw honey onto lively blemishes. Depart it for 10 to 15 minutes earlier than rinsing off with heat water.

You’ll be able to even add honey to your tub water. Or use it in a do-it-yourself baking soda scrub. There’s actually no end to the artistic ways you’ll be able to incorporate honey into olive skincare.

And since uncooked honey is so mild on olive skin, it can be used as incessantly as you’d like! But when your honey is troublesome to spread, attempt combining it with service oil (like jojoba or argan oil). Or, wet your face first with warm water before slathering on the honey.

How Do You Use Honey?

Uncooked honey positive is a good pores and skin softener and moisturizer. And with its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, topical honey is a nice selection for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

I really like utilizing honey as a face mask twice per week. In just three weeks of normal use, my complexion has felt noticeably gentle and clean. Raw honey even provides my skin a wholesome glow!

How about you? Have you given uncooked honey a attempt? Which important oils and creams do you employ with honey? What honey skincare advantages have you observed?

Share your honey-pampering ideas in the remark part under!

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